The illustration shown above is the result of a rendered 3D image composited with alpha layer and shadow. The background has been entirely
photoshopped. As part of this small mocap experiment, I have to mention that I was pleasantly impressed by Smithmicro's Poser 7.
Especially in terms of render speed and image quality. Since this recent version comes equipped with the Firefly Raytracer and Soft Shadow
mode, one would expect hours of render time per image.

However, I was truly stunned watching this model render in less than 35 seconds on a DualCore MacPro 2.66 Ghz. Long story short :
Poser has evolved from a buggy, unreliable and foremost slow render app, into a beautiful and easy to learn 3D render tool
that renders high quality anti-aliased CG characters in less time and even more accurate than Maya.

Pros : Fast and intuitive rigging system that needs minimal adjusting.
Cons : Limited workspace - poor material/shader tweaking.

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