" Surely the real beauty of CGI lies in the ability to augment reality
  or even create a new reality ..."
        [Steven Lisberger - TRON 1982]

During my 20 year career, working as a 3D artist for miscellaneous studios in Europe
and the United States, I noticed that the process of creating CGI scenes can be a
time consuming and technically complex trajectory.

But there is always one common denominator : Great CGI just blows you away !

Occasionally, it can be disappointing to see customers building their first 3D models or
animations, only to find out that the outcome isn't exactly what they've been hoping for.
That's where I come in.

In my opinion, a swift determination of the client's needs is paramount.
Based on these requirements, I will personally guide the production process or even
assemble a small team of CGI experts to get the job done.


Bert Vrusch
3D Artist / Instructor